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Capitol legal Service, LLP is a Legal Technology Company (LTC) base in Chandigarh providing services PAN India, which has its expertise in Data Digitization and Data Automation Services.
Who are we
The Process

Our team are highly trained in imaging rare and fragile material in our digitisation studio, which is located on-site here at Kew. We specialise in capturing high volumes of digital images, and can digitise a wide range of materials including large-scale documents, such as maps.

Safe Handling and Storage

We understand that fragile and precious records require a high level of care and it is important that they are returned to you in the same condition. We use specialist book rests, cradles and weights to prevent damage to original items. All records are stored and copied in a secure environment by experienced operators, using digitisation equipment approved by our conservators, to minimise the risk of document damage.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a crucial stage in the digitisation process. Following Digitization, images are checked for legibility, material completion, file size, image position, numbering, folder structure, naming, metadata accuracy & missing or duplicate images.

Services We Offer

We help Individuals, Businesses and Private and Governmental organizations develop and modernize their own collections. We appreciate that every collection is unique and our team can work with you to develop a bespoke service to meet your requirements.

Laser Scanning Book

Document Scanning

Person Checking Data

Metadata creation to suit your records and usage requirements

Keeping accounts

Expert document preparation

Patentability Search

Optical Character Recognition and transcription

Data Cloud

Secure storage of materials

Benefits of Digitization


The information in documents can be published in a number of ways and made available to global audiences, so that access is no longer restricted to those able to visit the physical location, saving time and travel costs.
There is also the ability to access existing resources previously limited by their format, such as large maps and materials stored on microfilm.


Digitized content is versatile and can be used to communicate with customers across a range of channels. It is a particularly strong tool for social media, opening dialogue with customers and encouraging activities like crowdsourcing and blogging.


Capturing the right descriptive data from a digitized document makes finding relevant content much easier, and helps maximize research efficiency.


Following digitization, physical documents will not need to be accessed as often, therefore reducing potential damage caused by handling.


Records can be integrated with digital systems and made readily discoverable within digital catalogues. Disaster recovery.

Disaster Recovery

Paper records are vulnerable to many risks. Digital copies ensure information remains retrievable if a site disaster leads to loss of analogue formats.




Bar Council of Panjab and Haryana

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